YES YOU CAN.  You can participate in the Diversity Visa NOW. APPLY NOW to ensure that your application is entered within the filing period.

Although the filing period is currently closed, we can still accept your application anytime during the year. When you submit your application, we simply make sure that your application is prepared, reviewed, and ready for registration. If you register today, you will eliminate any last minute problems and ensure that your application is filed on time. We serve our clients based on first come first serve basis.  APPLY NOW!

If you select to submit your application now for filing, we save your application in our data base until the State Department opens the registration.

Millions of applications are disqualified each year due to mistakes! To eliminate any errors in your registration and to insure that your application is filed on time, register through our website, For a small fee, your application will be prepared, reviewed, and filed on time.  APPLY NOW!

Important Notice Please Read!

  1. The U.S. government does not charge a fee for filing a lottery visa application on line.
  2. We charge a fee for our time preparing, reviewing, and filing your application. Our fee is $100 per application for one time filing.
  3. An applicant has the same chance of success whether you use our services or you file independently.
  4. Filing for the Diversity Visa is normally in October of each year.
  5. Although the registration period is in October, we accept applications year round. If you decide to apply now, using GreenCardUSA services, we keep your application and information on file ready to file as soon as the time to file is open at the U.S. State Department website. We normally file applications based on first come first serve.
  6. If you choose to use our services, we highly encourage you to apply now so we may have your information on file ready, for filing when the registration period opens.
  7. Once we file your application, we will email you a confirmation notice of your filing.
  8. Due to the dynamic nature of immigration law, we charge fees for the services we provide now. Hence, because the visa lottery program may not be available next year, we do not charge for services that we may provide at a future date.